Personal Narrative

Have you ever gon to the beach I have! one day we wer going to the beach. I did not know that I was going to the beach but my mom and dad did then wen they tod me I was so happy it was the beach! I was so spris I sckrym it was lode but i was still happy wen we got there I was so happy. I crtent wat to go in the oshin!

I cried wen we got out of the car.Then we got to go in the pool I got to splash. My mom and dad it was so fun.Then I said now thets go play they said my mom said wat in to your belly comes down.I said ok i got mad put then a few minutes later past I was a sleep put they woke me up so I can play with my mom and dad it was so fun because I then I cut my seth by acksitin I also met my friend there I was so happy But little did we know some wun got picht…the next day.